Sunday, 19 October 2014

Home Decor - Dressing Tables

I've decided that I need a new dressing table for our bedroom and I've been looking online for something that would look beautiful and would fit in with our bedroom decor, I've found a few that I like but I'm having trouble deciding so I thought I'd share them with you to help me choose one.

Our bedroom is painted a very pale grey with a white and silver wallpapered feature wall, it has a grey carpet and we've introduced some colour by adding purple bedding so I would like my dressing table to be mirrored, white or black as I think this would go best with our decor.

I love the first dressing table from Trade Furniture Company as it is mirrored but also has stylish black legs, I really like the details on the front and think it would look beautiful in our bedroom.

The second dressing table is from Ikea and is really pretty and simple, I like the slight curve on the legs and the little draws under the mirror.

The third dressing table is also from Trade Furniture Company and has a super stylish, sleek design. Our bed is black so I think this dressing table would look perfect in our bedroom and I could add a really pretty mirror on top to finish it off.

I'm leaning towards the third dressing table but I'm just not sure so I'd really appreciate your input, leave me a comment and let me know which one you like best.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Super Easy Dripping Blood Halloween Nails

Hi Ladies!

Today I have a super easy nail tutorial for you for Halloween, all you need is some white nail polish and some dripping blood nail stickers which you can find here.

Just apply two coats of white polish (I chose white to make the blood stand out more) let that dry completely and then cut your nail sticker to size for each of your nails and stick on. Finish with a clear top coat and they're done, super easy and super effective.


Friday, 10 October 2014

5 of the Most Exotic Halloween Costumes for Women

It's hard to stand out at a costume party. Everyone has worn their most eye-catching outfits, and it can seem like all the best ideas are taken. However, the truth is that most people stick to a few tried-and-true ideas like vampires, fairies, and cats. Do you ever wish you could do something different—something that's totally out there? There are great ideas that fall outside of the traditional Halloween classics. Here are a few of the best exotic Halloween costumes:

1.       Goddess – Who doesn't want to be a goddess? The Greek and Roman gods have been a source of inspiration for millennia, and there are nearly unlimited directions to take these ideas in. Most goddess costumes start with a diaphanous white blouse or gown/toga over a white skirt. The see-through material of the blouse or gown gives a mystical, otherworldly feel to the costume. Ideally, the fabric drapes loosely off of you, accessorized with golden jewelry and a tiara. You can take this costume in different directions, for a more Xena-esque warrior goddess or a soft, sultry Aphrodite.

2.       Geisha – Geisha are the skilled courtesans of traditional Japan, not only beautiful but also educated and creative. A geisha outfit starts with a beautifully-patterned kimono. For an exotic Halloween costume, you can use a real kimono or a costume piece that is cut much shorter than usual. Next, you'll want to add the makeup (pale white with red cheeks) and style your hair in your best up-do. Don't forget an Asian fan so you can demurely hide your eyes!

3.       Cowgirl – Instead of the usual Pocahontas outfit, try turning the tables on the boys and showing up as a cowgirl! While cowboys are known as symbols of masculinity, the cowgirl has become an equally charged figure in pop culture. Cowgirls are known for being wild-dancing, hard-drinking, quick-drawing women who can easily hold their own with the men around them. The best cowgirl outfits combine traditional elements like leather fringe and a cowboy hat with ultra-sexy designs like short skirts, leather vests, and bare midriffs.

4.       Cleopatra – Cleopatra was one of the most powerful women in the ancient world and is immortalized in some very sexy costumes today. Cleopatra is essentially the original exotic Halloween costume. With a penchant for gold fabric and jewelry, and a love of snakes, Cleo stole hearts and you will too!

5.    Gypsy – Many women overlook the gypsy as the template for the perfect exotic Halloween costume. Gypsy costumes aren't just sexy – they're also a lot of fun! Start with a skirt and corset and then add your biggest, blingiest jewelry. Hoop earrings? Check. Chunky necklaces? Check. Your old bangle from that brief 80s revival trend? Triple check. Plus, you can play with the supernatural as well – tuck a tarot card in your belt or hold a prop crystal ball for telling people their futures.

These are just a few ideas for exotic Halloween costumes. What other exotic ideas do you have?


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