Thursday, 28 August 2014

Home Improvements

As I've mentioned in some previous posts we're in the process of planning some major changes to our house, there's so much that we want to do it's hard to know where to start because we basically want to change everything.

We currently have a lean to conservatory which we use as the kids play room but unfortunately it's only useable for half of the year as it's too cold in winter and sometimes too hot in summer. We'd love something more like the conservatory above with better insulation and heating to keep it warm in winter and big folding doors to completely open it up and keep it cooler in summer.

We'd also love to replace all of our windows and external doors, our windows at the moment are double glazed but they've been in for a while and to be honest they're not really to our taste. Our front door especially needs replacing as you can really feel a draft coming through when it's windy, we've been looking at what sort of door we would like to put in and we really like the composite doors which give the look and feel of a wooden door without all of the maintenance.

With regards to our windows we love the look of the double glazed sash windows, I just think they look so much prettier than the bog standard UPVC windows. All of these ideas are on our home improvements wishlist and hopefully we'll be able to start slowly making our way through the list soon.

What's on your home improvements wishlist at the moment?


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Swimwear Wishlist

We're thinking about booking a holiday in the next few weeks to get some Winter sun, we went away to Spain at the beginning of October a couple of years ago and had an amazing time, the weather was fab and our villa was beautiful, it was the perfect week away.

I've been browsing the internet for some holiday clothes and I found some absolutely gorgeous swimwear in George at Asda so I thought I'd put together a wishlist with my favourite finds just in case anyone else is looking for some super cute and super affordable swimwear.

  • I love the bright blue kaftan, it's the perfect cover up to wear over your bikini and it's on sale for just £4.
  • I really like the neon pink fringed bikini, the fringed top is great if you have a smaller bust and want to make it appear bigger.
  • I love anything nautical so of course I love the navy and white striped bikini with the pink polka dot accents, it's so pretty.
  • The black and white zig-zag print bikini is bang on trend at the moment and looks great with the lime green ties.
  • Lastly I love the colour of the cornflower blue laser cut bikini and the frills are so pretty, such a cute bikini.

Most of the swimwear in George is on sale at the moment so if you're looking for something for an upcoming holiday then I recommend you take a look.

Which bikini do you like best? 

Leave me a comment and let me know


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Weight Loss Wednesdays - CLIF Bars

I haven't written a Weight Loss Wednesday post for a while as I've kind of fallen off the diet and exercise wagon, after we got back from our holiday to Tunisia I just couldn't get motivated anymore and have slipped back into old eating habits but I'm determined to get back on it and start eating healthier.

I was recently asked to try out CLIF Bars which are energy bars that are perfect if you need a boost before exercising which works really well for me as sometimes I lack the energy to workout.

So why eat a CLIF Bar?

Active individuals and athletes have high energy demands. With a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fibre, CLIF Bars supply working muscles with the energy they need for extended periods of activity. Thanks to their portability and great taste, CLIF Bars are a source of energy for athletes and active people who respect their bodies and the world around them.

What is a CLIF Bar?

CLIF Bar is the original energy bar made with wholesome ingredients that deliver energy. CLIF Bars have whole ingredients you can see and taste, such as rolled oats, fruits and nuts. Each bar contains B6 and B12 which contribute to the normal release of energy for use in the body. The bars are also a source of protein and fibre.

When should you eat CLIF Bars?

For best results, CLIF Bars should be eaten about one to three hours before exercise along with water to prevent hunger and supply energy to working muscles. During prolonged, lower intensity exercise such as hiking or bike touring, CLIF Bars can be eaten during activity to help satiate hunger and meet carbohydrate demands. CLIF Bars can also be eaten as a snack between meals or during a long, busy day to help sustain energy.

CLIF Bars come in a range of different flavours but my favourite was the Oatmeal Raisin Walnut as it tasted like a cross between an oatmeal and raisin cookie and a flapjack, it was yummy. I usually eat one about an hour before I exercise and it definitely gives me a boost of energy to get me through when I'm feeling really tired.

CLIF Bars are available to buy in Tesco and Boots.

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