Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How Lucky Are You?

Would you consider yourself lucky or unlucky? Do you always seem to win competitions, raffles or on scratch cards or have you never won anything and feel like you have really bad luck? If you're one of the unlucky ones take a look at this infographic which includes tips on how to improve your luck, after reading it you can click here to try out the tips and see if your luck has improved.

This post is in colaboration with Paddy Power Bingo.

Win An Elchim 3900 Hairdryer or Selection of Xen-Tan Goodies

Earlier this week, I came across Salons Direct’s Autumn/Winter Hair and Beauty Guides. Full of advice and guidance from a range of industry experts, such as multi-award winning British Hairdresser of the Year Akin Konizi, the guides take readers through the season’s trends.
They’re aimed at professionals and enthusiasts alike, and have something for all types of beauty lover.

I checked out the beauty guide first, as that’s more my type of thing. It gave some great tips on the direction of beauty trends for the next few months, which I’ll definitely be taking into work with me.
I loved the eyebrow guidance in particular, as brow trends have been changing so much recently. It was great to see that more natural-looking brows are staying popular. I completely agreed with what the brow and lash expert, Lisa Stone, was saying on the subject.
They also gave lots of tips about how best to use Xen-Tan, which is one of my favourite tanning lines.

The hair guides were really useful too, though. Even though I’m not a stylist, it gave lots of inspiration about what is cool for this winter, and what to avoid. It’s broken up into different sections for hair colours and lengths, so I flipped right to long brunette styles.
You can read the guides over on Salons Direct’s blog – click here for the hair guide and here for the beauty one.
They’re also offering the chance for two readers of the guides to win a prize – either an Elchim 3900 hairdryer, or a selection of Xen-Tan goodies. All you have to do is have a flick through the guides, then go to Salons’ Facebook page to enter. They need your name, a contact email address, and a couple of sentences about what your favourite trend of the season is. Click here for the hair guide competition or here for the beauty one.
Good luck!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

How To Relax Over Christmas

You work eight hours a day, seven days a week and it’s got to Christmas and it’s finally time for you to take a break, a whole 2 week long break that is. However, you are already thinking about January and thinking about the work load ahead of you. You might not be good at relaxing at the best of times, especially if you’re one of those busy body mums who are constantly thinking of what needs doing next. We all know how important it is to have quality downtime to make sure our stress levels aren’t through the roof, so follow the five ideas below to help you relax this Christmas.

Get Away from Everyday Life 
The best way to give yourself a break is literally going on a break! It doesn’t need to be far you could just pop on a boat and take a trip to Isle of Wight or take a trip up to Scotland. Wherever you go, and even if it is only a couple of days, you are allowing yourself to get away from the hussle and bussle of everyday life so you can forget about work and the stacks of ironing, washing, cleaning and cooking you have to do when you get back (ergh).

Leave your Work Alone
You’ve worked your socks off throughout the year, give yourself a break and leave your laptop alone. It’s going to feel strange not to log on and check your emails but let your ‘out of office’ do its job. After a couple of days of withdrawal symptoms, you’ll find that it is possible to stay away from your work. Keep in mind that no one is dispensable and generally most things can wait. If you’re worried you might miss something important, add an emergency number (your mobile) to the end of the email so you can relax and feel comfortable in the knowledge that if anything important came up, you’d receive a call.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors
If you’re used to sitting in an office, get out in the great outdoors and let your lungs enjoy some fresh air. Whether it’s a winter walk, fun on the outdoor ice rink, bringing out your inner child and playing games such as rounders’, having snowball fights or going on a run to clear your mind, it will take your mind off all your to-do tasks and help you enjoy some ‘me time’.

Spend Quality Time with your Family and Friends 
Christmas is all about spending time with your love ones so take this time to visit family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Do something that gets you in barrels of laughter such as playing family board games and watching old home movies. You should make the most of this time to remind your family of how much you love them. Sometimes you can be so busy, that you forget to remind them how much they mean to you.


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